It is the lightness, the ease of shaping, the lower consumption of aluminum thanks to the presence of the polyurethane layer in contact with the ground and the anti-slip and shock-absorbing function of the polyurethane that make our aluminum anti-slip shoe a perfect endurance shoe. These shoes are specially designed to facilitate the horse's gait, ensuring better performance in competition

Perfect for endurance

an extra gear to your races

In endurance riding, the horse's shoe and foot health are of fundamental importance. The particular composition of the iron ensures that the equine's limbs and back are protected from trauma and pressure, which are absorbed by the polyurethane layer, offering relief to the horse and promoting natural movement throughout the journey. The polyurethane used is a material suitable for different terrains: asphalt, stones, grass, mud, slippery and mixed terrains, therefore perfect for this discipline.

  • Anti-slip aluminum

    Anti-slip shoes available front and rear with 2 clips