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FOOTALL horseshoes are are made up with two materials: the iron core that provides stability to the hoof, while the polyurethane thanks to its anti-shock function, absorbs shocks, vibrations and greatly reduce the load on horse joints and tendons.
Horse hoof impact is also cushioned during contact with particularly difficult grounds (shoeing for asphalt, concrete, cobblestones, pebbles, etc..).

Intense work on hard and disconntected ground involves to significant stress especially on the articulation joint;  the transmission of high frequency vibrations, generated in the moment of impact of the foot on hard ground, then transmitted to the limb, causing ischemia.

Prevention includes the accurate maintenance of ground and the adoption of cushioning shoeing.

FOOTALL horseshoe eliminates vibration and high frequency typical of traditional horseshoe that damage the nail and cartilage of the horse, absorbing impacts eliminates shocks causing an immediate beneficial effect in the limbs of the horse.

The iron thus avoiding the feeling of heaviness and affativamento limbs, assumes the effect of an orthopedic horseshoe, treating and preventing the most important joint diseases such as arthritis, tendinitis, navicoliti, stress fractures, inflammation of ligaments, sindorme navicular, laminitis, and swelling of the clips.

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