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Aluminium asphalt antislip horseshoes

Two toe clip front and rear asphalt anti-slip horseshoe in aluminium and a layer high performance cushioning polyurethane frame in contact with the ground.


Most important advantages of this horseshoes are:

  • lightness
  • easy shaping
  • lower aluminium consumption thanks to the presence of polyurethane layer on the contact with the ground
  • antislip and cushioning function of polyurethane



These irons are designed to facilitate horse locomotion, allowing it better performence
As can be seen from the detail in the photo, the nail does not remain in contact with the ground, reducing the shock impact with the ground, the vibrations are not transmitted to the limbs
Countersinks allow nails introduction (and eventual removal) of nails without punches, making easier farrier work; they also provide the right grip on the ground.

Anti-slip asphalt horseshoe is suitable for activities on cobblestones, marble, stone, asphalt, slippery surfaces, grass and mixed grounds.

Recommended nails JC

In table dutch sizes.

Price € 39,50 per couple VAT incl.



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antiscivolo alluminio1



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Endurance is a discipline in which  horse shoeing and foot healt are essential.

Making long distances with improper shoeing would cause many problems during the race, as well as the elimination.

FOOTALL anti-slip horseshoe is an horseshoe suitable for endurance and with a lot of advantages compared to a classical shoeing:

  • horseshoe particular composition makes horse limbs and back are protected from trauma and stress, which are absorbed by polyurethane layer offering relief to the horse and natural movement during the path;
  • the shock-absorbing part is casted on the iron and then vulcanized, so it becomes a single body with the horseshoe without moving to and detaching from it, despite the frequently used insoles;
  • polyurethane layer in contact with the ground is an anti-slip layer, which makes with its balanced hardness / elasticity to the horseshoe long lasting, resistant to abrasion and it allows the cushioning function;
  • the polyurethane employed is a material suitable for different grounds: asphalt, stones, grass, mud, slippery and mixed ground, so FOOTALL anti-slip horseshoe is ideal for those paths during which you can find different situations, as happens in endurance.
FOOTALL anti-slip horseshoe is the ideal shoeing to face easily and safely endurance races!

endurance 1 endurance 2

endurance 3 endurance 4